Holiday VIP Club

Don't miss another month of photos of your family.

LA’s Photography Holiday Club has been the best investment into keeping up with photo memories if our family. Lori and her team are like family to us and our kids love going and seeing them. The affordability and multiple opportunities for family pictures along with adorable holiday setups makes this the most unique and perfect photo club!
LA’s Photography Holiday Club has been a blessing to our family! We have been members since 2016 when my grandson was 1. He will be 9 this month and we have added 2 sisters & 2 cousins who are also members! It enables our family to truly capture each stage of their lives every single month! I can’t wait to see the magic they capture at my daughter’s wedding in May 2025!

We've been part of the LA's family since our engagement pictures in 2010. They photographed our wedding and our maternity and newborn pictures for both kids. LA's has now been capturing our hearts outside of us with the Holiday Club since 2018. Lori and her team are constantly updating backdrops and finding new and unique ways to make memories for our family. The kids love seeing Miss Lori for pictures and enjoy her bubbly personality when she's behind the camera! The investment in the Holiday Club has been so worthwhile and we couldn't be happier to have these moments captured throughout the year!
To be able to capture precious memories of our two kids every month is truly priceless! Looking back at even the previous month’s photos, I notice how quickly they have changed. Miss Lori and her entire staff at LA’s Photography are the most patient, lovable and family oriented group of gals we know! Growing up, I got to experience the mundane, run of the mill, Olan Mills photoshoots. It’s a blessing to be able to partake with my own kids in such a unique and one of a kind photo club with LA’s Photography! Miss Lori goes above and beyond to make sure that each month’s scenes are different every year and just when I think it’s the best yet, she knocks it out of the park again! My mama heart could not be more grateful for the memories that they capture and give us to have for a lifetime!

The answers to your questions
Who can be in our photos?
Mini sessions are for Parents & all Children (including step, half & foster children) only unless noted. Example: Grandparents Day, Newborn Minis
How long is my membership good for?
The Membership runs one year from when you purchase (If you start in March you will renew before March session following year)
How many mini sessions can I book with my membership?
You can book 1 or a whole years worth. We hold no less than 12 standard mini sessions a year. We also have added more Elite Session opportunities each year.
This sounds too good to be true. Whats the catch?
No catch! YES we know what everyone else is charging for mini sessions. We are all mothers and believe photos of our families shouldn't be something we can only afford once a year or once a lifetime. We know from experience that if we can make family photos FUN (and quick) it will be something you will want to come back for again and again!

Still have questions?
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